Celts of Latène Time


These pictures show a celtic bridle
from Wintrich / Hunsrück, abou 450 BCE

Another celtic bridle from Ãcury sur Coole
in France, which is also dated in early Laténe.
It has one special feature:
The husks which are fixed on the snaffle origine from a Earlylatène ring-rampart in Rittershausen / Hessen.
Thats the hometown of Arian Ziliox.

The snaffle was originally made of wood
disguised with narrow broncesheet.
Also the husks were made from narrow broncesheet.

Pferdezaumzeug Ãcury sur Coole
Arian Ziliox als keltischer Reiter
Arian Ziliox als keltischer Reiter
Those  pictures show a typical sword of the Latènetime, together with a leatherarmour, as well  a elaborate belt from Glauberg, Grave 2
Arian Ziliox als keltischer Reiter
Arian Zillox as a warrior of Earlylatène: Distictive  sign of the princes of that time were the high spiky helmets of the so called  âType Berruâ (named from a  famous habitat in Eastern France). Tey are also to find in Germany as riverfindings. Here it was combined with a leather armour.
This armours are sign by their stunning back- and soulder-plates. In this form they were often shown in contemporary statues.
This belt of Arian Zillox shows the famous âLord of the beastsâ motive (finding place Tirol â cuttet 3- edged belthooks are used all over Europe at that time).
The Belt has been ornated eyelets and has been ornated with coral.
Often the swordhilt and the clamps of the 3- parted metal sheath were also ornated with coral.
Interesting  is also the hunched knife: At the Berru- or Marnegraves they were often stuck in a dead pig, that was used as proviant for the travel to the netherworld.
ketlische Kriegerhorde


Celtic Horsewarriors, as Saddle we used sead pads  nach of skythe kind.

Hallstatt meets Earlylatène:
Stefan Jaroschinski as late halltstatt prince around 600 BCE РArian Ziliox as Earlylat̬neprince at 450 BCE.

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